Querying a sales invoice (or a purchase order, PO) is very easy. Please follow the below steps to complete the query in our store and get the invoice immediately:

  1. Visit our purchase page: https://www.rotatingscrew.com/purchase.aspx
  2. Click the 'Add to cart' or 'Buy Now' button on the purchase page to add the license to the cart.
  3. Enter your desired quantity in the quantity field.
  4. Enter your contact information. Please double-check the information because your license and invoice will be generated using your contact information.
  5. Choose 'Purchase Order' as the payment method, and click 'Next'. The Purchase Order Number is for your reference. If you provide it, it will be shown on your invoice.

  6. Confirm your License Name, or customize it if you wish. This name will be used for generating your license key. If you need to edit your invoice, please use your web browser's back button to go back to the previous step and make the changes.
  7. Verify the price and Tax, and enter your VAT Tax ID if applicable.
  8. Click "Complete Order" if you are satisfied, and the invoice will be generated. After this step, the invoice cannot be changed. If you still need to make any changes after this step, you will need to start over and generate a new invoice from scratch.

  9. Click "Download Invoice" and open it. This one is the invoice/PO you need. An email containing a URL to the same invoice and payment instructions will also be sent to the email address you've provided in your contact information.

  10. The payment due is 30 days. Our payment processor will send you the license information by email as soon as possible after they have successfully received your payment. Please submit a ticket after placing the PO if you need to extend the due date.
  11. Click the "Pay Now" link and select the desired payment method to pay your order, or select "Wire Transfer" to see our bank account details for bank transfer.