UTFCast Professional 1.x and UTFCast Professional 2.x Technician are licensed per-user. Each user who uses a full version of our products must obtain a license. With this license, the user can use a single copy or multiple copies of the licensed product if the user is the only user of the full version product. This license is licensed to a person and tied to a Windows user account, the user must log in to Windows to use the software, and only the user is granted permission to use it

UTFCast Professional 2.x WorkstationUTFCast Pro Subscription and UTFCast Pro Perpetual are licensed on a per-PC basis. When a license is installed on a PC, all users are granted permission to use the software on this PC, and a third-party software/service installed on the same PC can use it without logging in to a specific windows user account.

You can use your company name for generating the registration code when submitting your order. Depending on which license type you choose, you must purchase a corresponding quantity of licenses for your employees who will be using the full version product or for your PCs running the full version product.